Paul Kneale: Free Software

“Free Software”, a body of work inspired by the YouTube genre of putting unusual things in a microwave.

Over the past decade, Paul Kneale has been working in the digital art space. Kneale’s online conceptual works have complemented his painting and sculptural practice, creating an essential dialogue between them.

Kneale’s ongoing project, “Free Software”, has been exhibited globally across museums. “Free Software” has evolved into NFTs, using the blockchain as a medium. The project uses the notion of a generative practice to create beautiful unique works; with a dual digital and physical outcome.

Kneale’s work draws attention to NFTs as the arrival point of years of digital exploration. This project allows for a deeper connection with established and historical art practices. While the process is key, the power of the images is at the fore.

Collectors who purchase three works will also receive a signed physical edition by the artist. One top buyer receives unlockable content - a one-on-one session with the artist to produce a collaborative “Free Software” piece

Paul KnealePaul Kneale

May 12, 2022

Paul Kneale

The Process is key.

One of the most intriguing items to place in a microwave is a CD.

When microwaved, CDs create a little lightning storm inside the microwave. After being zapped the disk emerges with a unique and mesmeric fractal pattern burned into it. For the NFT, Kneale uses a high resolution scanner to make 4800 dpi scans of the burned disks, translating the intricate detail of the CD, and creating rainbow effects in the reflective surface.

Paul Kneale

Paul Kneale

Paul Kneale (b. 1986, Canada) explores the way in which digital facets of our existence can be manifested and reimagined in the flesh of the physical object

Works by Kneale have been included in the exhibition Peindre la Nuit at Centre Pompidou Metz (October 2018), Contemporary Photography Forum exhibition of the Boca Raton Museum (Florida, USA), the Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, the Rubell Family Collection and at the prestigious Thetis Gardens in the Arsenale Novissimo (Venice), in a group exhibition on view during La Biennale di Venezia 57°. In Autumn 2019 he unveiled Flat Earth Visa, a site-specific installation for the hillscape surrounding the Palazzo Re Rebaudengo in Guarene (Piedmont, Italy). He lives and works in Toronto.

Paul Kneale

Paul Kneale


May 12

NFT Drop 1

The first collection of 12 unique digital works available for buy now on LiveArtX.

May 19

NFT Drop 2

The second collection of 12 unique digital works available for buy now on LiveArtX.

May 20

Physical Art

Collectors who purchase 3 NFTs will be sent a physical signed edition.

May 26

Meet Paul Kneale

The top buyer gets the chance to collaborate with Paul Kneale to create an official Free Software piece.


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